Making Moon and Space Accessible by Connecting Asset Owners and Public on Earth

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How We Do It?

Resolving the highest pain in payload connectivity, control, and management, for platform owners, payload owners, and mission operators. Thus making space accessible for public on Earth.



Improving the accessibility of the payload's communication link and enabling customized user-centric solutions for directly managing your payloads.



Reducing development time of On-board SW by providing plug-and-play remote-control intelligence, improving integrability into platform OBC.



Enabling scalability by connecting any type of instruments and providing auto-generation of the command & control dashboards and on-board instrument controller SW.


Empowering the communication with instruments in space, moon, and earth by plug-and-play and user-centric remote control intelligence, supporting continuous monitoring, maintenance, and data analytics in the cloud.


SpaceBE C&C

Empowering the instrument controller by plug-and-play remote control intelligence. Robust onboard software engine enables pre-configuration of the instrument to meet the mission requirements and necessary autonomous capabilities.

  • No-code instrument configuration
  • Agile integration into instrument controller
  • On-board AI-Powered autonomous capabilities
  • Teleoperation policies supporting multiple operators
  • Cybersecurity layer to keep your equipment in safe
  • Integration with 3rd party mission operations SW


SpaceBE Cloud

End-to-end cloud based solution for connecting, automating, and remotely maintaining instruments in space and moon to reduce time, human exposure, and associated risks. SpaceBE Cloud connecting any payload of any complexity with a focus on user-centric approaches to let users be focus on target actions instead of complex remote control operations.

  • Autogeneration of customized dashboards
  • Near real time monitoring
  • Remote command and control
  • AI-powered predictive maintenance
  • User-centric teleoperation of the robotic elements
  • Continuous analytics and AI-generated insights
  • Data collection and management


SpaceBE Openmoon

User-centric, accessible, agile, and security-oriented connection enables instrument owners to lease and monetize their assets. Thus making space and moon accessible for public on earth.

Reducing mission cost by sharing the equipment and receiving cash-back from leasing sessions.

Improving payload communication link accessiblity, optimizing payload integration, and encouraging cutomer base by reducing payload delivery cost from leasing sessions.

Benefiting the Mission Operator customers by providing standardized plug-and-play MOC solution for managing the TM/TC link with any type of served payloads and assets.

Receiving a low-cost, session-based access to the available instruments and collected data in Space and Moon for educational, scientific, and inspirational purposes. From anywere by using web-browser.